Our brick plant in Aranđelovac is the is the only one that has automatic manufacturing of hollow tiles for fert girders based on idea and patent that originated in our company for wihich we received the Gold Medal at 51st International Technical Fair in Belgrade.Read more
The long tradition of brick production in Arandjelovac began back in 1939. when the brickyard “Ringlov” was established. In the year 2003 begins a new modernization of brick plant “Kubršnica”, which in the same year, becomes a part of “Univerzum” holding company.Read more
Highly trained staff as well as the very favorable composition of the soil in the basin of the river Kubršnica result in a high quality end products from our product range: clay blocks, partition blocks, fert fillings, fert channel, lintels and tenisit.Read more

Factory in Arandjelovac


  • Over 8 million Euros were invested in modernization of factory, automatic control was implemented and automatic transport to tunnel kilns was installed as well as a new computerized line for decomposition of baked goods. Robotic line from two Italian companies Bougioannie and Capaccioli was introduced in the stacking and packaging of final products.

Product Quality

  • A highly favorable composition of the soil in the basin of the river Kubršnica results in a high quality end products.

Exploitation Rights

  • About 7 acres of land provide the raw material for about 8 years of production. Another 50 acres of land are planned for acquisition which will provide the raw material for the next 50 years.

Factory in Indjija


  • So far 2 million Euros were invested in the modernization of the production process. Robotic units were purchased, which our reputable domestic company “ICM Electronis” integrated into the Indjija plant. After the planned investments are finished, the production capacity of the factory will be significantly increased.

Cost-effective Transport

  • Strategic advantage of this factory is its’ proximity to the railway line which enables cost effective transport of products in all parts of the country.

Exploitation Rights

  • A large area of 17 acres of land provides the factory in Indjija with the raw material needed for a continuous production of clay products for a long period of time.